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We depend on the support of our community to keep spreading our mission of spreading grief awareness, innovation in integrating grief, and supporting those who are grieving and their loved ones.

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We All Grieve

Grief is a daily part of many people’s lives, but it often goes unacknowledged or is suppressed in order to get back to ‘normal’.

Without addressing and acknowledging grief, many of these intense and deep emotions can cause the griever to misdirect their emotion causing emotional and mental harm to themselves or those around them.

We want to create understanding that it is OK to grieve. 

2.5 million people die each year in the United States and each leaves behind an average of 5 loved ones behind.

It is estimated that 5% of children in the United States lose one or more parents by the age of 15.


Your Support Makes a Difference

As a nonprofit, every donation goes towards helping Clear Mourning facilitate our ultimate goal of shifting the culture around grief through awareness, innovation, and support. All people should be free to grieve in their own time.

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Join the Free to Grieve Movement

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