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An Evening with Clear Mourning


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An Evening with Clear Mourning

Please join the Clear Mourning team and supporters for an evening of connection and music.

Clear Mourning will host Cousin Curtiss and some of our favorite collaborators to showcase our work in 2021 and share exciting enhancements to our programs for 2022. Our program starts at 6 pm PT and will be filled with love, community, and support.

We are so eager to share with you our growth and development. Curtiss will share with us his incredible musical talent and spirit as we weave in lightheartedness, updates, news, testimonies, and a little fundraising too.

About the Guests:

Cousin Curtiss

Cousin Curtiss brings to the stage a fiery dynamic rarely seen from a solo act and now, with a full band armed and ready with years of live touring and recording experience behind him, the concert performance becomes legendary. Truly. Within the United States and around the world Cousin Curtiss has spread his positive energy and endless smile through his Award-Winning Rootstomp music.

He describes it as, “playing Blues music but at Bluegrass speeds” or more simply, “like…if Blues and Bluegrass had a baby.” Rapidfire guitar. Incendiary harmonica.Thunderous kick.

Shanan Kelley

Shanan is a writer, creative collaborator, emcee, auctioneer, and certified yoga instructor and the creator and producer of The Night Light Show with Shanan Kelley in Bend, Oregon. Shanan believes laughter is the best medicine and collaboration is key.

Shanan began her healing journey at a very young age, discovering yoga in a beauty magazine and renting dvds from the library. Early on, she identified feeling ill at ease in many of her given environments and struggled to find a community to truly be a part of.

Three successive yoga teacher certifications, two personal health crises, and the creation of the Night Light Show would propel Shanan towards what is now her life’s work. Though it may seem foreign to connect yoga, wellness, and comedy into a unique offering, to Shanan it is second nature and the most comfortable fit in the world.

We Appreciate Your Support.

Our goal is to provide innovative resources, workshops, and programs for all people regardless of socio-economic status.

These events & workshops provide:

  • A safe place to grieve without judgment.
  • Tools for grievers and supporters to learn about their grief and how to help others who are grieving.
  • Community and support with others experiencing profound loss.
  • Access to experts in the areas of death, grief, self-care, and more.
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