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Camp Courage Kids Lounge

Camp Courage Kids Lounge

After the unforgettable memories made at Camp Courage this past June, we are excited to present the Camp Courage Kids Lounge to sustain the bonds and camaraderie forged during our time together and establish new ones. Continuing our mission, these gatherings offer an evening of connection and support, complemented by dinner and an engaging activity. This is an extension of the nurturing space we’ve always aimed to provide, assisting young individuals on their grief journey.

Who Is It For:

This event is hosted by Clear Mourning, a nonprofit deeply committed to reshaping the narrative around grief. We advocate for awareness, introduce innovative solutions, and provide unyielding support. If you’ve been a part of our journey, or are new and looking for a compassionate community, the Kids Lounge is the perfect space for you.

What is the Camp Courage Kids Lounge?:

An evening where kids can reconnect, indulge in dinner, and participate in an activity that keeps them both engaged and supported on their journey through grief.

Where Is It:

Forest Room, Hanai Foundation 62430 Eagle Rd, Bend, Oregon 97701 Please note this is an in-person event. You must be able to provide transportation for anyone who is attending Camp Courage Kids Lounge.

When Is It:

The Camp Courage Kids Lounge will be taking place on the second Thursday of the next three months. Here are the dates to mark on your calendar:

October 12
November 9
December 14
We hope you will join us for these special evenings. Every event we organize stems from empathy, understanding, and our drive to provide professional support. If you have any questions or wish to register, [please provide registration details or contact info here]. We look forward to seeing you and continuing this journey together.

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