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Doing the Best That We Can Workshop

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Doing the Best That We Can Workshop

Gently crafted with the utmost care and courage, we alongside Marge Eiseman explore what it means to be doing the best that we can in grief. We gather to connect, create, listen, and be supported.

Questions we ask:

→ Is it a cop-out or are we really doing that (the best we can)?

→If we know we could do better, what’s holding us back?

→What tools are available for us? Can it be resources like art and songwriting? What will happen when we use these arts in grief recovery?

→How do we dig into these resources even if we feel we may not have any?

In this process of artistic creation, we find much-needed comfort as we explore what it means to do the best we can in grief. It’s a time to cry and laugh together while swimming in the sacred pool of our experiences.

Let us soothe wounds and ease the afflictions of our hearts.

Come prepared to engage…and be courageous!

Who should join?

👉 Those who’ve lost someone, or some part of their lives and are struggling to find ways to express themselves.

👉 Those who are just beginning grief work and need community-based support and are seeking some kind of outlet.

👉 Those looking to support others through grief and want to help them do the best they can in a compassionate, authentic and meaningful way.

This is a free, live virtual workshop that will run for 90 minutes. Sharing and participation and engagement is encouraged!

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