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How to Support Men and their Feelings

How to Support Men and their Feelings

Our culture is amidst some of the most dramatic emotional turmoil in its history. Americans are faced with an incredible amount of grief and loss, whether it’s role identity, rhythms and routines, isolation or even death of a loved one. Clear Mourning’s president and founder Sarah Peterson, LCSW along with Barbara Largent, MD and Tim Malone, LCSW are working to uncover how this grief and loss has particularly affected men in America.

How to Support Men and their Feelings is targeting men and those who love or work with men to provide tools, strategies and tangible practices for developing emotional language and responsibility. It is often taboo in our American culture for men (especially) to share beyond mad, sad or glad as their emotional state, we believe there is great room to challenge this taboo societal norm/constraint and aim to provide the following objectives:

  • Understanding grief in the role identity context and more.
  • Explore and more deeply understand current cultural constraints.
  • Skill for non reactivity in relationship with self or other.
  • Develop an emotional mindfulness and centering practice.
  • Self assessments for weak or strong points in one’s own relation to the world.
  • Identifying integrating language for grief and loss.

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