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Suicide Survivors Support Group

Suicide Survivors Support Group

This group is for those who have had a family member, friend, loved one, or someone close to you who has committed suicide. The purpose of this group is to help fight the stigma around suicide and bring light to what life looks like for survivors of suicide.  In this group, we will be processing the losses that we have experienced and learning how to navigate the individual grief that each one of us experiences.

About Ally Lopez, MC, NCC, Professional Counselor Associate 

Ally has been practicing therapy in Bend, Oregon for 5 years and specializes in trauma work.  She graduated with her Master’s from OSU- Cascades and has a strong interest in how trauma affects the mind, body, and spirit as a whole.  She works with clients who experience a wide range of mental health symptoms and was a crisis therapist before she started to work as an outpatient therapist in 2022.

Her theory on grief is rooted in her own deep losses throughout childhood and later on as an adult.  She believes that while grief is a universal experience, it is an individual healing journey, no two grief journeys are the same.  Her therapeutic work is centered on the client and what they need, however, is also trauma-informed. She believes that we all have the tools to heal, we just need help discovering them.

Attendees are

  • Committed to attending each week for 6 weeks
  • Open and willing to actively participate

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