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Clear Mourning Grief Gifts


This program is designed to help people with the costs of grief. This includes things like lingering bills, massage, free yoga for grief, online educational events, grief groups, and more.

If you would like to contribute to these scholarships consider a contribution through our Venmo link – or through our donation form below.

Nominate a Griever in Need

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Support Those Who Grieve

Support others who grieve. 

By donating, you help us fund our ongoing grief workshops and events, grief gift scholarships, and help us further our mission to shift the culture of grief.

Our culture has a serious issue with grieving. Often we are expected to "move on" or are not provided the resources or education to fully understand our grief or the grief of others.

We believe that through education, awareness, and compassionate support, we can shift the culture and help others grieve freely.

Make a donation today to help support others in their grief journey.

Join the Free to Grieve Movement

Join the Free to Grieve Movement

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