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Grief Resolutions for the New Year

by | Sarah's Corner

In getting to know my grief, as in any relationship, there are parts emerging that I want to let go of and think might be optional.  One part is the story that shows up about how I should be doing it better or differently.  What purpose does it serve to be negotiating with my reality and the sadness that comes with my grief? 

I think it might actually feel softer if I can let sadness be sadness, cast no judgment about “how it should” be, and allow for those (grief) days/moments to come…and go. 

Another piece of my grief I want to let go of is the guilt that shows up in my joy.  What kind of mother could feel joy after losing a child??  This one.  My children bring me joy, I laugh hard at funny things, I feel glad to know I help others, and on and on…this lives inside me just like my grief, my anger, my fear. 

In 2022, my grief resolution is to set aside the guilt for feeling good sometimes.  I want to allow my individual path to be good enough. 

Maybe in the welcoming of my new disposition, opportunities for a deeper connection with My Girl will appear.  Maybe when I let my arms rest from holding back the truth of my grief, I will feel relief. 

Stay tuned. 

What grief intentions are you setting for the new year? How do you want your relationship with grief to change over the next 12 months (and beyond)?

January is our month of digging deeper into our resolutions and intentions for the new year, and how we can integrate and impliment the changes we wish to see in our life.

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